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Apr 09, 2021

Tricks to Help You Sleep

Some days it’s just hard to fall asleep. We’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still want to be well-rested in the morning.

If you’re having a hard time sleeping, this article is for you!

Hacking Your Sleep

You need sleep because it makes you feel better, improves your work ethic, and keeps you healthy. It helps you think more clearly and remember things better. You need sleep because life is less stressful when you’re not well-rested. Sleep is a total day-enhancer.

In a perfect world, we’d have plenty of time to fall asleep naturally. We’d also be able to get a full 8 hours of sleep, wake up to the chirping of birds and natural sunlight, and have a Gilmore-Girls-style breakfast before taking on the rest of the day.

But life isn’t perfect and we need to get our sleep when and how we can.

That’s why we put together some tricks for falling asleep.

Tricks To Fall Asleep

Life is hectic. We get it. Do you think we don’t feel rushed in the mornings too?

Because we totally do.

It’s hard to get the sleep you need while cramming everything you need to get done into your day. There’s work, school, doomscrolling Twitter, hanging out with your friends and family, cooking, eating, exercising, and Netflix. We could go on.

It’s exhausting.

So what can you do to get the sleep you need?

Although the best solution is to clear your evenings, that’s not always possible. So try one of these tricks instead.

Lower your temperature - When you’re sleeping, your body temperature lowers. So, finding a way to cool your body will help trigger different sleep chemicals that’ll get you snoozing faster than ever. How do you do that? Ironically, by warming it up. Let’s say you're awake and at your normal body temp. If you start running, you’ll start feeling hot. And your body will start sweating to cool down. It’s that cooling effect you’re going for.

And the best part is, you don’t have to run. A hot shower will trigger the same reaction.

Use your other senses - We’re all familiar with the touch of a comfortable bed or the sound of a quiet room. But what about the other senses? The right candle or incense can help calm down your busy brain just like the touch of a fuzzy blanket or the hum of a white noise machine.

Just make sure you put out those flames before falling asleep.

Write out your problems - Life is stressful. And sometimes writing about it helps. Get all of your frustrations down on paper. Write about what you’re worried about and what you can and can’t control. Write about your plans for the next day. Give your brain time away from your phone and just unload. Basically, vent. You’ll feel a lot better afterward.

Douse your brain in happy chemicals - Part of what makes falling asleep hard is stress. So at night, dive into something that lets you forget about your day. Want to learn how to paint? Paint along with a Bob Ross video on YouTube. Like reading? Make reading for 30 minutes at night a habit. These things make you feel good and help you destress. And destressing helps you drift off easily.

Exercise during the day - When you exercise, you feel good. When you spend that energy during the day, your body will feel tired by the evening. When you feel tired, you’re more likely to go to sleep. Working out at night might get you too amped to sleep, so start using that energy of yours early, and by the end of the day you’ll be ready to wind down

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