Should You Buy A Mattress from a Mattress Brand Online or in a Store?
Apr 14, 2022

Should You Buy A Mattress from a Mattress Brand Online or in a Store?

When was the last time you were in a mattress store? They aren’t for everyone: a huge warehouse filled with overwhelming options, salespeople trying to get you to buy the most expensive mattress, and a ton of pressure to pick the right one for yourself. And did you know that a lot of people get it wrong when they shop this way? Especially people that don’t do well under pressure.

Shopping from a mattress brand online is becoming more and more popular due to the added convenience and cost savings. You don’t have to deal with feeling pressure to make the decision right then and there, you can shop around in the convenience of your home, most online mattress brands give you an in-home trial period and they all ship straight to your door.

We are not here to judge, rather just to help you decide if buying a mattress online or in store is right for you. Really, the main difference between buying a mattress in stores vs buying a mattress online is the fact you can physically lay on the bed when you go in store. Which might sound counter productive to consider purchasing a bed without laying on it at least once, but we promise you it’s not. Really it all comes down to your preference. If you are a touch, feel and see type of person, we recommend you go to a few stores. If you are a visual person and willing to do your research and don’t mind shopping online, we recommend you do just that.

Whether you are leaning more towards buying a mattress online or buying one in a store, we have a few tips for you as we know there is a lot of competition out there. So many different mattress brands to choose from. So what should you look for?

Things to consider when buying a mattress

1. Positive reviews

Like with any big purchase, you should always read the reviews from biased and legitimate customers. You can usually find ratings about both the mattress and the experience people had with the company online somewhere. This is the easiest way to cut through the noise and see what people like you think of a product, the company and even the store front.

2. Think about what you like and don’t like about your current sleeping situation

If you love your bed and it's just really, really old, then look into the same brand as you currently have, chances are their products have improved over time. If you have ever slept well at a friend's house or a hotel, it might be worth finding out which brand and firmness level it is to get you started on the right path.

3. Do your research

Get on the trusty old internet and read about the specifics of the different types of mattresses to figure out which kind will be best for you.

  • Firmness level. How firm or soft a mattress is affects not just your preferred level of comfort but also the support your body needs. If you’re a side sleeper, for example, you need a mattress soft enough to contour to your body but firm enough to help support spine alignment, so you might need a medium-level firmness.
  • Filling/material. Hybrid mattresses are more and more popular because they offer the support of coils, but they also have a top layer of memory foam to maximize comfort. Some people want a full memory foam mattress through and through. Some people want a pillow top mattress. Everyone is different, so make sure you figure out what kind is most appealing to you.
  • Breathability. Some mattresses can retain a lot of heat. If you're concerned about temperature, you need to look for a mattress that is made to keep you cool that has some kind of cooling technology built into it.
  • Pressure and motion absorption. If you want little movement from your mattress—like if you’re a light sleeper but your partner tosses and turns all night—memory foam has little bounce. It also takes a lot of pressure off tired joints. Other mattresses have more bounce and movement, and if you easily feel trapped by contouring materials, then find a mattress that gives you more space.

4. Quality and Value

The quality of the mattress is the most important part of your purchase. You don’t want to be overcharged for an average mattress that simply looks the part. On the other hand, you don’t want to find “a great deal” for your mattress and receive one that starts to sag after a short time of owning it. Look for a company that stands behind their product. Make sure to check out their written warrantys.

5. Customer Perks

Once you figure out the quality of the mattress, check to see if they offer any additional benefits with purchasing their product, like in-home trials to make sure you are in love with your purchase, free shipping if you buy online or free delivery if you buy in store.

With all this said. Sleep is very important and choosing the right mattress means better sleep. And better sleep leads to better health, which is something that everybody deserves. Happy Shopping!

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