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May 28, 2021

Herbs for Sleep

Sleep is kind of like a frenemy, right? When you’re vibing, everything is good. But when you’re not - when sleep just refuses to play nice - it can help to have a backup plan. And since we want to be nice to our bodies, we’re going to keep it natural with some herbs that help you sleep (when used with our awesome comfy mattresses, ofc).

Best Herbs for Sleep

Having trouble sleeping isn’t a new problem to the world. It’s just that we have, you know, new problems that give us trouble. So it’ll probably come as no surprise that for centuries, people have turned to the natural world to find solutions to insomnia. And the natural world said, “Yeah, I got you covered.”

The thing is though, everyone’s body is different. So you may have to try out a few different sleep herbs to find the one(s) that get you to snoozeville fastest. But here are some good ones to start with.

(Quick note: we are not doctors, nor do we play one on TV). So make sure you ask an actual doctor about these before you take them, as some can affect medical conditions and medications.)


Simmons herbs for sleep - lavender

Ask anyone for the go-to herb for better sleep and this is probably the first one you’ll hear about. It’s pretty. It’s purple. It smells nice.

We’re going to side-step the debate over whether lavender is considered an herb or a flower and just focus on the fact that it’s a pretty popular sleep aid when used in oil form—backed by actual science. DON’T ingest it - experts recommend either using a diffuser or putting a few drops on your pillow before bed.


Simmons herbs for sleep - chamomile

Science is less sure about chamomile, but anecdotally, tons of people swear by it. Science DOES know that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, so maybe taking it for sleep just means your body feels nice, relaxed and taken care of? No one really knows.

This cute, daisy-like herb is most often enjoyed with a soothing cup o’ tea before bedtime, so it’s a good one to make part of your nighttime ritual.

Valerian Root

Simmons herbs for sleep - valerian root

Valerian root is another one science isn’t super sure about, but history tells us that people have been using it for over 2,000 years as an herb for sleep so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most people pick up the capsule or pill form from supplement shops, but some people prefer it in tea form.

Beddius Maximus Comfortus

Ok this isn’t an herb—it’s just a name we’re making up for our beds. TBH, a good night’s sleep starts with a good bed. No, a GREAT bed. All the sleep herbs in the world can’t help you if you’re laying down on a lumpy rock every night. You need comfort. You need support. You need coolness. You need us.

Don’t know where to start? We say look at our best-selling Medium Mattress first and go from there.