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Mar 31, 2021

What's a Bunk Board? Is it as good as a Box Spring?

Ever seen what looked like a piece of plywood laying on top of a mattress frame? Did you ask yourself why it was there? It’s actually called a bunkie board (some call them bunk boards.)

Let’s talk about why they exist and when you might need one.

What Is A Bunk(ie) Board?

Bunk boards are more commonly known as bunkie boards. And while it sounds like a part of an old-timey game, it’s actually an important piece of your bed. Bunkie boards are flat pieces of plywood (or something similar) that you put on your bed frame atop the slats. Think of it as a bed board.

Bunkie boards are basically a skinnier alternative to the box spring (but we’ll talk about that later.) They used to be really common with bunk beds (which is probably where BUNKie comes from), but now you’ll see them on more and more normal beds too.

And although they don’t look like much, bunkie boards are actually super important.

Why Do You Need A Bunkie Board?

Bunkie boards do a number of things.

First, a bunkie board provides more surface area for your mattress to rest on. If you bought a new mattress and put it right on your bed frame, it’d probably feel fine for a while. But it’s going to quickly start sinking between the slats on your frame. Obviously, that’ll make sleeping on your mattress really uncomfortable.

Second, that mattress sagging probably voids your warranty. Meaning if something goes wrong with your mattress, you might be stuck with the one you have. So not only does the bunkie board protect your back, but it protects your wallet too.

And who doesn’t love saving some money?

Bunkie boards are also great for small spaces. Like we said, they’re pretty common on bunk beds. That’s because they give you the support you need without the height of other alternatives. That height comes back into action giving the sleeper more space from the ceiling. That’s a big win for whoever gets the top bunk.

Bunkie Boards VS Box Springs

So, what’s the difference between a bunkie board and a box spring?

We kind of mentioned it already, but bunkie boards are thin and flat while box springs are tall and flat. You can get a tall box spring if you want your mattress to be high off the ground. Or if you’re not looking for additional height,  you can get a bunkie board.

Also, if your bed frame has tall sides, a bunkie board might make you feel like your bed has guard rails. Alternatively, a box spring is tall enough to make rolling out of bed easy peasy each morning.

Lastly, box springs usually provide a little more bounce while bunkie boards give you firmer mattress support and a firmer sleep surface.

So which one you pick depends on you and what you want and need for your bed.

Simmons Can Help, No Matter Your Mattress Needs

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