What's the Best Mattress For Sex?
Apr 15, 2021

What's the Best Mattress For Sex?

What’s the number-one use for a mattress? Getting a good night’s sleep, probably. But if the number-two use isn’t lounging in bed watching TV, then it’s most likely providing a comfortable spot for getting down

That's right; today we’re talking about sex.

More accurately, we’re going to be identifying key factors in determining the best type of mattress for sex. Read on, and see which mattress you want to be on when the clothes start coming off.

What to Look For

It should go without saying that your primary concern in finding a mattress really should be sleep quality — even if you’re getting action every night, you still need someplace to rest in between sessions. But sleep isn’t what we’re analyzing here, so be sure to consider other factors than these when it comes time to make your purchase. With that in mind, here are the top considerations when choosing a mattress for sex:

  • Bounce
    Let’s get right to it: Sex tends to be more fun when it’s bouncy. And while the occasional sleepy spooning session can be absolutely beautiful, an energetic romp across the covers is usually much more exciting. Innerspring mattresses have built-in coils, which amplify movement and give more bounce, while memory and gel-foam mattresses are designed to absorb movement and provide better sleeping support. If you’re looking for a wild ride, either an innerspring or a hybrid option may be the way to go.

  • Noise
    On the other hand, it can be hard to really enjoy a sexual experience if your mattress is squeaking and creaking like a rusty gate in a windstorm. And a loud mattress can create additional problems if you’ve got kids or others in your home. In this case, memory foam or natural latex mattresses may be a quieter, better choice.

  • Edge Support
    If you’re reading about the best mattress for sex, then chances are you’re not one for laying still while making love. Whether you're rolling around, shifting positions, or leaning on the edge while standing, you want a mattress that won’t drop you and your partner onto the floor. Edge support doesn’t necessarily coincide with one type of mattress over another, so be sure to look for increased edge support and read specific reviews before you finalize your purchase. 
  • Temperature
    Sex should be hot, but that doesn’t mean it should be uncomfortably warm. Some mattresses trap way too much excess heat, which can be a real problem on already-steamy summer nights. For best breathability, consider innerspring and latex mattresses. Gel foam mattresses may also offer improved cooling, but memory foam can hinder breathability, heating up the room without heating up the action.

  • Support
    Finally, it’s worth noting that support may be just as important to sex as it is to sleep. If you and your partners are interested in more than just the classic, traditional positions, then having a memory foam mattress can help increase the comfort factor in a way that innerspring mattresses can’t — which can be important when you’re knotted up like a pretzel.  

  • Recap

    In terms of giving a good bounce and offering breathability, innerspring mattresses are the way to go. On the other hand, if you want something that can support your bodies and won’t wake the neighbors with creaking, then foam is a better bet. Hybrids and gel-foam options may offer best-of-both worlds solutions, but be sure to do your research before you commit. 

    After all, there’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. And if you can find a mattress that’s as good for romping as it is for resting, then you should be all set.

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